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Health Care

I will reduce the cost of healthcare for the working and lower class and make it affordable for all.  Americans will be able to keep their current doctors or choose a doctor that is right for them.  I will make medication a lot more affordable by cutting out the middle man.  I will also take away the fine that makes the American people pay for not having any insurance; this will eventually make them to pocket at least $300 or more.

Livable Wages

I will have minimum wage raised on a federal level. So, anyone getting a W2 will see an increase in their paycheck.  We all know that when Americans are given more wages, the cost of everything else goes up with it.  I will reduce inflation.  I will make better trade deals worldwide to bring inflation down.  In order to get more for your dollar, it's important to bring inflation down.  I will also have taxes reduced.  Taxes will still be taken out but it won't be as dramatic as it is now.  You will also see a bigger tax refund in the working and lower classes.  As President, I will be investing in the American people.

Affordable Housing

I will do what I can to make housing affordable for the working class.  I have a plan to fix up abandoned homes and other buildings, which will help make housing affordable.  I also plan to make mini homes out of recycled materials. It's very important to be green. I also plan to do all these to house the homeless as well.

High Quality Education

Our children are our future leaders and entrepreneurs of our great nation.  Their education needs to be top notch!  I am going to be changing a lot, starting with our teachers, all the way to students.  Teachers will get an increase in pay.  They will also get an increase in budget.  They will NO more be paying for their own classrooms' supplies.  During my Grass Roots Presidency, the US government is going to do a better job with providing supplies and what is needed to help our future leaders (students) be successful.  Students' brains need to be well fed to function properly.  Every student will get free nutritious breakfast and lunch. I'm also getting rid off standardized testing.  I am putting into place a better system. 

I am bringing back financial literacy so students don't end up in our shoes some day.  I am also bringing back economics, shop classes, and art classes.  I am also making a plan to make college more affordable.

Women's Rights

Women will be treated equally and will  receive same pay as men.

Lobbying out Politics

Lobbyists and special interest give money to politicians in return own the politicians.  This is affecting our government and our way of life.  This is why I don't accept any money from them and rely on the American people to help out with funding.

Resolve Homelessness

I will be doing a much better job at bringing homelessness to an end.  As discussed before, I plan to help homeless individuals overcome their addictions, if they have any.  I plan to provide classes to make them valuable to today's market and help them obtain jobs.

Gun Laws / 2nd Amendment

Diaz for President is pro gun.  I plan to put a better system in place.  Everyone will have to pass a stricter background check and undergo a mental health evaluation before being able to own a gun.  Gun licenses will be made federal, so that everyone can have the right to carry a gun in all states in the US.

Racism and Sexism

I understand they exist.  There is not reason to beat around the bush.  I will be the leader that will get rid of it by leading by example.

Government Shutdown

Our current president dropped the ball by shutting the government down; the longest in US history.  The American people should not suffer and be held hostage or accountable when 2 politicians or 2 parties are fighting.  If the government gets shutdown under me, all government employees will still be getting paid while no politician will be getting paid a penny till everything resumes.